Honda lawn mowers have a well-earned reputation as some of the most reliable walk-behinds in the industry. Whether you're in the market for residential or commercial mowers, Honda offers reliable performance with innovative technology.


1) Reliable Engine

Honda is the gold standard for small engines. Their extensive experience, high quality, superior warranty, environmentally conscious designs, and reliability set Honda engines apart from the competition. If you want a lawn mower with a reliable engine, Honda is the way to go. Even other brands like Toro use Honda engines on some of their mower models.

2) Innovative Tech

Honda mowers include several ground-breaking innovations developed by Honda. The Roto-Stop blade system stops blades when you let go of the handle, but doesn't stop the engine. This feature lets you empty the mower bag or move debris out of the way without restarting the mower.

Other features give you more control over the mower's speed. Cruise Control hydrostatic transmission, Honda Select Drive variable Speed control, and Smart Drive variable speed control all provide easy, intuitive control over your mower's speed.

3) Exclusive Cutting Performance

Honda's twin-blade cutting system creates smaller clippings than competing mowers. That means better mulching performance and better bagging. Since the clippings are smaller, bags hold 30% more clippings than single-blade mowers. Bags are easy to take on and off, even when full, and the wide mouths make them easy to empty.

4) Versamow Cutting System

HRX model mowers have the Honda-exclusive Versamow System. This lets you mulch, bag, discharge, or shred leaves with ease. It even lets you partially mulch. Everything you need to switch between the different modes is built in, so there are no attachments to keep track of or tools to worry about.

5) Quality Guarantee

Honda backs-up their quality with a comprehensive warranty. For residential use, full warranties last 2, 3 or 5 years depending on the type of mower you buy. There's even a limited lifetime warranty on the HRX mower deck. Your Honda lawn mower is also backed up by the best dealer network in the country, which includes Richardson Saw & Lawnmower. When you buy a Honda mower from us, you know you're buying from one of the most trusted Honda dealers in the country. Stop by today and we'll help you find the Honda mower that will work best for you.