We Americans take our lawns very seriously. A new study found that almost half (48 percent) of Americans say their neighborhoods get competitive about lawn care and yard improvements. In fact, the average person would spend nearly $1,000 if it meant their yard could be the best in the neighborhood.

That's good news for yard care professionals. While a fairly high percentage of homeowners enjoy working in their yards, others don't enjoy it at all. And most people don't have time to do everything they want to. You get to fill in that gap between what they have time to do and what they want their yard to look like.

Understanding what homeowners are looking for and what concerns them the most about their yards will give your lawn and yard care service an advantage. Keep reading to learn more about what this survey uncovered about Americans' views on yard care.


Competitive Yards

This survey found that 38 percent of people want to make their yard the best one on the block. That competition isn't something everyone enjoys, though. 77 percent of the 2,000 people who responded to this survey said they feel pressured to keep their yard looking good enough to compete.

Worrying about how their yards compare to others in the neighborhood often drives homeowners to make changes and improvement. More than half (58 percent) of people said they made an improvement in their yard after a neighbor made one. Also, a full 41 percent said they improved their yards for the sole purpose of one-upping a neighbor.

Taking The Load Off

Lawn, flower displays, and clean driveways top the list of yard features that homeowners feel competitive about. They want the nicest looking yard, the prettiest flowers, and the cleanest driveways But even though most homeowners enjoy planting and watering the lawn and garden, they don't enjoy weeding, trimming, or leaf raking.

Your lawn care company can take the least enjoyable tasks off homeowner's hands while assuring them you'll keep the yard looking nice. If you can get competitive homeowners to see your services as the way for them to keep ahead of (or at least on par with) their neighbors, you can end up with some very loyal customers.

Show Environmental Friendliness

This survey also revealed homeowners worry about the effect their lawn care routine might have on the environment. 42 percent of homeowners report they feel guilty about their water usage. Another 41 percent worry about emissions from lawn equipment.

More and more people are looking for environmentally friendly options for lawn care. If you can offer that in your business, then you'll be catering to a pretty large group of homeowners. Here at Richardson Saw & Lawnmower, we carry a wide range of the highest quality, environmentally friendly lawn equipment. From new, more efficient gasoline-powered models to the latest in battery-powered technology, we've got you covered.