In October of 2018, Honda announced they've redesigned their popular HRX series mowers for even better cutting performance and reliability. The newly redesigned Honda HRX lawnmower lineup will be available at Honda Power Equipment dealers, including Richardson Saw & Lawnmower, in January 2019.

The HRX mowers were already among the most reliable walk-behinds on the market and this redesign makes the new HRX mowers an even better choice for both homeowners and professionals alike. Keep reading to learn what's new.


Engine Upgrade

The redesigned HRX mowers are powered by a GCV200 engine. This new engine delivers 10% more power and torque to the mower’s blades than the GCV190 engine used in previous models.

The HRX mowers are the first to feature this new engine with its improved combustion chamber shape and advanced auto choke design. This new engine is also lighter weight than the one used on previous HRX mowers.

Easier Maintenance

GCV200 engines are designed for reliable starting. The new engine layout, including a larger fuel tank opening, makes refueling easier than ever. The redesign also makes it easy to access the spark plug and air filter. It's also much easier to monitor and change the oil.

These new features enable faster and simpler routine maintenance. Not only do the new HRX mowers provide more features and superior performance, but they're also much easier to operate and maintain.

Superior Grass Cutting

Because the new engine delivers more power and torque to the mower’s blades it can cut taller and thicker grass without stalling. That not only boosts cutting performance but also helps prevent wear and tear on the engine.

Like the previous HRX models, these new mowers continue to feature Honda's Versamow System with Clip Director®. This system makes it easy for the operator to choose bagging, mulching, or simultaneous bagging and mulching. The mowers also come with a setting for leaf shredding.

Sleek Design

The mower's appearance also gets a modern upgrade in this new design. A sleek, minimalist style reflects similar aerodynamic designs in other Honda product lines, including automobiles, motorcycles, and jets.

If you're interested in getting one of the new Honda HRX series mowers when they're released in January, Richardson Saw & Lawnmower is the place to go. We're a Honda Power Choice dealer, which makes us one of the top Honda dealers in the United States. Here you'll find only the best customer service and support for Honda products, including the new HRX mowers.