As questions about the safety of chemicals used in lawn care get more media coverage, you're going to see more customers asking about organic options.

On August 10 of this year, a San Francisco jury awarded $289-million to Dwayne “Lee” Johnson. He is a California public school groundskeeper who said his terminal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma resulted from using Roundup. With this and other stories in the news, more and more people want to stop using potentially hazardous chemicals on their lawn.

Even though experts are still debating the pros and cons of chemicals used on lawns, more and more homeowners are ready to switch now. They'd rather not risk the harmful side effects that might come with using chemical herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.

If you can offer organic lawn care as an option in your business, you'll be catering to a growing customer need. Here are 4 major advantages to offering organic lawn care in your business.


Protect People's Health

Switching to organic lawn care products will keep you and your workers from being exposed to potentially toxic chemicals. It also lets you offer safer options to your customers. People who are worried about how chemicals might affect pets and children playing in their lawns often appreciate organic alternatives.

Help The Environment

Chemical run-off from lawns is polluting rivers, lakes, and oceans. Whether it's excess fertilizer causing algae bloom or chemicals poisoning aquatic life, the problem isn't going to go away by itself. If you offer organic lawn care, you're taking a big step toward having a business that's truly "green."

Offer Real Alternatives

Some people think that organic alternatives just don't work as well. They may want to stop using lawn care chemicals, but they don't think the natural choice is effective. If you do your research and find alternatives that work, you'll be able to offer organic/green lawn care products as a solution to customer problems.

You can contact organic lawn care product manufacturers and distributors to request test report findings. Those will be a big help in deciding which products you're going to use.

Grow Your Business

Adopting an organic/green approach to lawn care makes your business very marketable. People want to help the earth and keep potential toxins out of their lawns. Providing ways to do that gives you a competitive advantage.

Offering organic lawn care options can also help you deal with strict legislation. Certain communities and states already regulate chemicals used on lawns, and there's a good chance more will follow.


Switching to organic will change how you offer lawn care to your customers, but it won't take away your business. Organic lawns still need mowing, aerating, dethatching, and fertilizing. You can get all the tools you need for these, and other lawn care tasks, here at Richardson Saw & Lawnmower.

There's a good chance that public opinion will continue moving against chemical lawn care products. If that's the case, offering organic lawn care will make you ready to meet the changing demands of your client base. Whether you're looking to phase-out chemical use entirely, or just offer an alternative to customers worried about what they're putting on their lawns, organic lawn care can be smart move your business