When we think of spring cleaning, usually we think of indoor tasks like washing curtains and sweeping under the couch. But the outdoors can benefit from spring cleaning as well. The warming weather of spring gives you an opportunity to start out your lawn care season right. Follow these tips to do spring cleaning in your yard and get ready for the rest of this year's lawn care season.


Tune-Up Equipment

Start your spring cleaning by working on the equipment you'll be using in your yard. Take all your mowers, trimmers, and other equipment and ...

Once you've gone through this basic maintenance, start your equipment and make sure it's running smoothly. If not, then you can bring it into our service center for a check-up.

Clean Up Dead Plants

It's easy for dead leaves and plants to pile up over the late fall and winter months. If left alone, this decaying plant matter can smother the grass or garden plants beneath. It also encourages mold growth and disease development.

As the weather warms, rake up dead leaves and get them out of the lawn and garden. This is also the time of year to cut-down the dead stalks of ornamental grass and other perennials that will come back from the roots. If you're not sure whether your dormant perennials will sprout on the old stalks or come back from the roots, leave them alone until they start putting out new leaves. Then you'll be able to tell where the dead parts are so you can trim them off.

Trim, Repair, Mulch

Winter takes a toll on landscaping. The neatly trimmed edges along your walkways and garden borders might be overgrown with winter weeds. Mulch in the landscape bed breaks down and starts to decay. And sometimes paving stones break, wooden posts rot, or other hardscape elements get damaged.

Spring is the time to fix all these problems. Take the time to repair or replace hardscaping elements. After you clean up dead plant matter in the garden, you can start laying new mulch. And once you've started mowing again, you can use trimmers and edgers to clean up around the edges of walkways and gardens

Make A Check List

It's easier to keep track of all the things you want to get done around your yard if you make a checklist. This article gives you a good starting point for making a list like that. Depending on your yard, you might also add some other tasks to your list, such as tilling up a vegetable garden.

If any of your equipment needs replaced, that's another thing to put on the list. Spring's a good time to snag some deals and we'll have sales going off-and-on for much of the spring. Keep an eye on our website for announcements or stop by and ask if there are any sales going on.