Most of the time when people think of commercial lawn mowing equipment they think of large zero-turn mowers. But those don't work in every situation. For landscapers that mow zero-lot homes or commercial properties with narrow lawns, the larger mowers just aren't a good fit.

It'd be convenient if all the lawns you had to mow were flat and open with few obstacles to work around. Since that's not always the case, it's a good idea to have lawn mowers in your fleet that can handle working on small and/or narrow lawns. Here are three types of lawn mowers that offer solutions.


Stand-On Mowers

Stand-on mowers merge the convenience of a riding mower with the maneuverability of a walk-behind. And even though they're not quite as fast as zero-turn mowers, some come pretty close. They also have a compact footprint even if you get one with a wide cutting deck.

Standing on the mower offers you a higher vantage point so you can easily see where you're going. These mowers are also highly maneuverable and can make quick work of mowing lawns where there are trees, landscape beds, children's play sets, and other obstacles. They're your best bet if you want to finish mowing a narrow lawn quickly and efficiently.

Mid-Size Walk-Behinds

Intermediate or mid-size walk-behind mowers are also good for narrow yards. They won't let you cut as quickly as a stand-on mower, but they do offer more control. Mid-size walk-behinds have a good balance of quick-cutting and easy maneuverability that makes them ideal for mowing in places where you need precise cutting.

Using an intermediate walk-behind mower gives you more flexibility when you're cutting. They're very easy to maneuver in small and narrow yards. That's often a big advantage when you're working with clients in residential areas or gated communities. And if the yard you're mowing has hills, these mowers are safer to use than riding mowers.

Standard Walk-Behinds

Standard walk-behinds are the most compact gasoline- or battery-powered lawn mowers you can get. They're the perfect choice for very small yards where it would be hard to maneuver even a mid-size walk behind. They're also good for mowing around trees, landscape beds, and other obstacles in the yard.

Here at Richardson Saw, we carry a wide range of stand-on, mid-side, and walk behind mowers. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have about the equipment we sell and help you find just the right mower to fill each of your lawn mowing needs.